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What is BPA?

If you're a curious consumer who pays close attention to how foods and beverages are packaged or stored, you may have heard about BPA. To earn more about BPA, please visit http://factsaboutbpa.org

Should I Be Afraid of BPA?

BPA has had some bad press, and now we’re all wondering: Is BPA bad for us? Michael Aranda goes into how we encounter BPA in our lives and how it affects us.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Images: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bisphenol_A.PNG
Jorge Castillo : I been on construction for 5 years and I was diagnosed with low testosterone. At the age of 27 I have 270 I been eating on plastic containers every week day for the last 5 years and it may have cause it.
ns90 : 0:19 ... "And that hasn't caused the collapse of civilization, although 2016 might have come closed."
2020: Hold my beer...
ns90 : I've been eyeing that last can of BPA containing milk in my drawer for weeks and now convinced not to drink it.
rocky thunder : 2016 didn’t come close
If he only would’ve known of 2020
hod scott : He forgot to mention that it was created out of estrogen medicine originally

Piszter Ervin - Szellemi abortusz

A Budapesti Autonóm Gyülekezetben készült további felvételek, és a Gyülekezettel kapcsolatos információk megtalálhatóak honlapunkon a http://www.bpa.hu/ oldalon.
Itt tudod támogatni, hogy még több és még jobb minőségű tartalmat tudjunk gyártani: http://www.bpa.hu/magunkrol/adakozas/
Irattkozz fel a csatornára és kérj értestést arró, ha új tartalmat töltöttünk fel!
Követhetsz minket a www.facebook.com/bpa.hu oldalon is!




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