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CLASS OF 2002 PowerPoint Project

How to create a Countdown Timer in PowerPoint across Multiple Slides using VBA Macros - Tutorial

Create a Countdown Timer in Microsoft PowerPoint under a minute!
Download file and code: https://pptvba.com/countdown/

00:00 Introduction
2:12 - Schematics of code
5:23 - Notification when countdown is over
7:25 - Countdown in minutes instead of seconds
8:20 - Customizing format
10:07 - Changing time limit without code change

In this module, we will be creating a countdown timer in Microsoft PowerPoint using Macros in Visual Basic Applications. Unlike other modules where VBA is not used, we do not have to type every single number and add animations.

VBA Macros focus on automating your work in the least amount of time taken to increase efficiency for your projects.

This PPT Countdown can be embedded in a variety of projects, modules, and PowerPoint Games. You may download this module and code for free and make your presentations more interactive.

1. How the Countdown Timer works
2. MsgBox Pop-Up Notification when the countdown gets over
3. Customizing Countdown Value within SlideShow Mode.

Now if we need to embed the same countdown timer throughout multiple PowerPoint slides which will correspond to the countdown, i.e if there is a timer for 30 seconds and you go to the next slide with 15 seconds remaining, the next slide should have the timer and should resume from 15 seconds only. It doesn’t matter after how many seconds you decide to go to the next slide or again the previous slide.

This PowerPoint Countdown Timer will be present throughout the Slide Show and will have all the features mentioned above in this website.

To accomplish this, we would need to add a For Loop.

Intro Music by Ashwin Subrahm

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Bhavesh Shaha,
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PowerPoint - SNL

Two women (Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant) struggle to make a PowerPoint presentation.

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