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Google Made (GS101) Chipset For Pixel 6 - Why This Is Huge?!

Today I wanted to explain why the Google made GS101 chipset for the Pixel 6 matters. I've been very interested in this topic since hearing about it a year ago and it looks like we may be seeing it earlier than some anticipated. In this video, we discuss the news, then talk about Samsung's role, and finally talk about the implications of an in house Google made SOC on the future of Google's products. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
0:36 9to5Google Story/Thoughts
1:53 Google Midrange Strategy
2:27 Implications of the GS101
4:17 What We Need To Know Next
4:40 My Final Thoughts
Audu Buba : Can't wait to see what thus chipset will offer
Team VRY : can't wait for this year's Pixel devices! WOOT
SaranByte : 100% super excited to see these chips! I’m pretty sure the 1st gen chips won’t be on par with SD, but as the tech matures, it should reach its peak soon. And yes, this would bring so many iOS benefits we’ve had forever now over to the Android side: we could get more support, better optimisation, and ofc better chips in lower-end smartphones too. I can’t wait to see how these chips turn out! Great video Adam
Shoaib Aalam : Hi Adam. I just watched your other video about comparison between Xbox series X and playstation 5 and which one should we sell.
So now i know that you have kept playstation 5 and sold Xbox series X, i wanted to know if you have experienced the analogue stick drift issue on your duelsense controller?

I am planning to buy a gaming console for the first time in my life and i wanted to buy ps5. But due to so many complains about duelsense drift issue on the internet. I am now confused which console should i buy. Can you please help me in this regard.
Marc Yeo Tech Review : interesting. I am looking forward to their new chipset. Hope that it would be a blast!

Google Custom Silicon for Pixel Lineup...

Clip from Lew Later (The Worst Apple Products of All Time) -

usasupra23 : I certify these chips and so far the Google Samsung SoC is good. Mediatek is doing fantastic as well lately. Hit me up for facts
Burton Yan : It'll be very interesting if this does happen. If it does I doubt they'd focus on clock speed and performance to compete with Apple and Qualcomm.
Vagabond : It's gonna suck and there gonna leave us hanging
Kratos Dgo : I will going to buy a Google Pixel 6 for sure
aBOOBaMUSIC : #Pray4Preyby OBAWON...out now

Pixel 6 GS101 Chip Judged Before Use??

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Hey everyone welcome and thank you for viewing this video. Im just a average person who likes talking tech and i do so through these vlogs. thanks again for watching.
Pixel KING : It's coo we don't need everything to be high-end we just want a nice phone from Google and optimize the software....we don't need everything being a high priced chip that pisses me off because they are just looking at the high valued phones not realizing 2 years later that chip is not gonna even be at it's optimum level because of battery life
Mark Mandelstamm : If this chip performs between the 865 and 888 it's going to be fast by all accounts. If it runs cooler than an 888 a bigger winner. These people judging are spec snobs!




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