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Kindle Fire HD 10 Plus (2021) as a Gaming Tablet

The newest Kindle Fire HD 10 tablets have remarkable performance and features at a budget price. So we're going to take a look at the most expensive model ($180) and see how well it works as a dedicated gaming and game streaming tablet.

Buy one here:
Full guide with links:
8BitDo SN30 Pro controller:
BigBig Won controller:

00:00 introduction
01:30 unboxing and impressions
02:50 install the Google Play Store
06:52 orientation and setup
10:44 RetroArch gameplay performance
12:56 PSP performance (+ cat break)
14:50 N64, Gamecube, and Dreamcast
16:35 Android games and game streaming
19:31 summary and conclusion

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Intro theme song sampled from "Hexadecimal Genome" by Bit Shifter:

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This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

#Kindle #FireHD10 #RetroGaming
Anther Richeen : It's amazing how easy it is to de-amazon a kindle these days. I remember trying to do this to a kindle fire hd back in the day. Damn it was a pain. This is amazing! Very cool indeed.
hantke1989 : God of war crash for me too! On my PSP... (no kidding) That game was a little too much.
Brandon Barlow : Just a reminder, if you go to you can get the 64 bit or the plus that can get access to more cores.
Brandon Barlow : I wonder if you were testing with the new version of dolphin or the new version of mmj
james bond : How do you think this pad would emulate the MAME catalogue? (Games such as Donkey Kong Jr, Paperboy, other mid 80’s stand up video games.) BTW, Thanks for the videos, very informative!

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) | Budget Tablet Unboxing & Tour

Unboxing the 10th Generation Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, fresh for 2020, with a full tour of the Fire OS software, specs and other bits. Here's how the new Fire HD 8 compares to last year's model and the Plus version, which costs £20 more in the UK.

If you want a budget-friendly Android tablet then this is one of your best options, although you'll need to use Amazon's online services to truly appreciate it. This 10th Gen model improves on performance with a new chipset and extra RAM, while battery life clocks in at around 10-12 hours depending on usage. The 2020 Fire HD 8 definitely offers good value at under £100, while the Plus model gives you a slight specs boost for a little extra cost.

Of course, the Fire OS interface is completely focused on Amazon's services. From Prime Video and Audible to Kindle Unlimited, this is an ideal tablet for accessing all of your movies, books and beyond. It's also a good one for kids, thanks to that rugged design and the abundance of apps for children on the app store.

Check out my reviews of Amazon's Kindle eReaders, Fire TV streaming boxes and Alexa speakers for the rest of the own-brand line-up.
Daniel Bogdan Prisecaru : Got mine on discount just so I can see for myself what it actualy is. You cant install apps like facebook/youtube etc unles you want do downgrade to the LITE version of the app. If I pay for that tablet it means its my tablet and i choose what it displays on it without having to pay for it (talking about the ads)...basicly you pay a tablet that will be used to buy things of amazon other then that no good at all. I would recomend this as a gift if you care even a bit for the person! Asked to send it back for the last 3 weeks and they kept saying it will be pick off....not for the last 3 weeks. Makes me think is new way of selling amazon branded thinngs. Had to talk to 5 assistants to get done...3 weeks of cuting 3/4 hours of my sleep because of amazon god damn tablet...thats it for amazon with me!

Even now i have all boxed and labeled ready to ship...just saying!
Jennifer H. : Does the Kindle fire 8 have a Usb port that can possibly read USB files? I have seen an instructor online who offers his classes as USB thumb drives. So I wanted to know if it is possible to put the USB stick into a Kindle fire 8 and possibly watch the instruction (depending on the file type- which I believe would be some type of video)
abeismain : This tablet is not discord app friendly.
sai putcha : Ahh. British Jeff Bezos with facial hair reviews the Amazon Fire HD. What more could one want. /s
J.V.K. anish : Omg roblox

How to Replace Your Amazon Kindle Fire Battery

Battery Replacement Kit from is available at . This video provides a step by step demonstration of the procedure for replacing the battery in your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. The Battery Installation Kit contains a new high capacity Battery, battery installation Video, and necessary Tools for battery replacement. Includes one year money back guarantee!
Victory Bell : Great video easy instructions
Nancy Hoblitz : I am so happy to say it worked perfectly! Amazon wanted $200 to trade in my Kindle for a refurbished kindle. I bought the kit, took my time, watched the video and paused with slow motion on crucial parts and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much. I now have my kindle back ;)
Van Iyke : Great video.
Amazon CordlessDrill : Thank you for sharing this information ...
Robin Minkler : Great video! (except for the music)




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